Quinn: We are the Champions

Post date: Nov 24, 2009 6:38:55 PM

This is one of the more relaxed competitions, yet it’s hard to call it relaxed when you have 20 scouts running around from base to base asking questions, painting things, carving things, building things and even dragon boating. If this is not enough there is more, parents are part of the competition as well which makes it doubly chaotic. Yet have no fear for 3rd Pinelands this is heaven on earth. We jump at any opportunity to smear our faces with paint, to pull in tug of war, to build mini model cars out of soap and the parents love watching us work while cooking copious amounts of boerewors for the masses.

But most of all we want to have fun, cheer and encourage each other as we complete the set-out tasks.

This year Quin was a good competition for us. We are a strong, active and well-bonded troop. And I can happily say that this could be seen when watching us work. We stood out from the rest of the competition in all aspects - teamwork, accuracy, quality, quantity and team spirit.

Without a doubt this is how we managed to bring the trophy for 1st place home.

When they called out our name for first place the troop was ecstatic and once final parade was over the entire troop all ran to hold and kiss the trophy.

The win was an added benefit to all the fun we had. And we deserved it.

Thank you to all that were there and all that contributed. We couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you.

Competion Patrol Leader.