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3rd Pinelands flying high

posted 4 Aug 2010, 13:45 by Admin ^   [ updated 4 Aug 2010, 13:53 ]

On the 23rd July 2010 we attempted the West Summit of Mt. Elbrus. We started the climb at 2nd Base camp (3700m) on the North Route at 1am. The climb started in clear freezing temperatures with perfect conditions and all team members were in high spirits.


As the morning stretched on we reached  Lenz Rocks at 6am, to see sun rise, we could not have anticipated how tough it was going to be from Lenz Rocks to the Saddle. With no trail, crossing a glacier riddled with crevasses and 5 inch's of fresh snow to cover them. It was dangerous and a nerve wrecking task that took us till 12:45.


At the saddle we started up the West Ridge at a fast pace as we had just heard of bad weather that was coming in from the South Side.


Then at 14:15, we touched the highest Point in Europe (5642m)! There were hugs all round and we took many photo's and videos. The euphoria was short lived though as the weather turned bad very quickly, and getting down the mountain became an outright nightmare. With gale force winds, more snow, thunder and lightning and poor visibility, I thought we were goner's. With our trusted guides though we made it and got down at 20:00, we did some mental maths and worked out that we had hiked for a whopping 19 hours in that day.


Working as a team to get down was vital to our survival as we were all roped in to each other to prevent falling in to crevasses.


My interest in scouting helped me with all the rope work and team moral that was needed to get down the mountain. I unfortunately had a bad habit of trying to catch some sleep on the way down, this was due to lack of sleep and food on the way up. A lesson learned for my next adventure!


I thank 3rd Pinelands Scout Troop for all the support they have given me and I thank Scouts in general for being such a great Youth Organization that helps build leaders and teens learn greater life skills.




[Ed : See more photos at http://joshandkai.blogspot.com/]