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Amazing Race 2011

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Potjiekos Competition

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Enter our Potjiekos Competition!

When: Friday 25th March

Time: 3.00 pm till 9.30pm

(Supper served from 7pm)

Where: 3rd Pinelands Scout Hall, Stellenberg Road

Contact: Monique 084 531 4506

What is it all about?

This fun family day gives you the choice to enter a team with 4-6 members or just to sit back as a guest and enjoy the event.  

Teams start preparing their pots between 3.00pm and 4pm in the afternoon and have until 7.00pm to brew their secret recipes before the judge (top SA chef) starts the adjudication. Thereafter everyone is invited to dish from ANY potjie they prefer at R10.00 per small serving thereby allowing you to try a few different dishes. You better be quick because the best potjies go fast!

There will be lots of fun and games for the kids, including a jumping castle and great music for the adults to relax to while the pot bubbles!!

We would like to offer outside teams an opportunity to participate at a fee of R150.00 per entry, the profit made by these teams is for their own pocket.

All the scouts and cubs will be involved. Each Patrol will enter a different type of Potjie and the cubs will be manning the Dessert Table. 

We would like to have as many teams as possible competing, so please send this out to anyone that you think might enjoy the challenge. Get your office to enter a team or put together a team of Dads or Grandpa’s, or Ladies only. Teams will be judged on the theme of their table as well as their potjie.


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3rd Pinelands flying high

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On the 23rd July 2010 we attempted the West Summit of Mt. Elbrus. We started the climb at 2nd Base camp (3700m) on the North Route at 1am. The climb started in clear freezing temperatures with perfect conditions and all team members were in high spirits.


As the morning stretched on we reached  Lenz Rocks at 6am, to see sun rise, we could not have anticipated how tough it was going to be from Lenz Rocks to the Saddle. With no trail, crossing a glacier riddled with crevasses and 5 inch's of fresh snow to cover them. It was dangerous and a nerve wrecking task that took us till 12:45.


At the saddle we started up the West Ridge at a fast pace as we had just heard of bad weather that was coming in from the South Side.


Then at 14:15, we touched the highest Point in Europe (5642m)! There were hugs all round and we took many photo's and videos. The euphoria was short lived though as the weather turned bad very quickly, and getting down the mountain became an outright nightmare. With gale force winds, more snow, thunder and lightning and poor visibility, I thought we were goner's. With our trusted guides though we made it and got down at 20:00, we did some mental maths and worked out that we had hiked for a whopping 19 hours in that day.


Working as a team to get down was vital to our survival as we were all roped in to each other to prevent falling in to crevasses.


My interest in scouting helped me with all the rope work and team moral that was needed to get down the mountain. I unfortunately had a bad habit of trying to catch some sleep on the way down, this was due to lack of sleep and food on the way up. A lesson learned for my next adventure!


I thank 3rd Pinelands Scout Troop for all the support they have given me and I thank Scouts in general for being such a great Youth Organization that helps build leaders and teens learn greater life skills.




[Ed : See more photos at http://joshandkai.blogspot.com/]

Update from Josh

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A message from Josh who is currently preparing for Summit number 2 of 7:

"Mt Elbrus of Russia stands at a chilling 5642 metres above sea level, and while some would laugh at it being smaller than the likes of Kilimanjaro at 5895m, it is most definitely a more technical and more challenging climb.  The temperature on the mountain near the summit camps can get down to – 20 degrees at night whilst hitting a comfy 10 degrees during the day (if you are lucky).

Kai, who I met on the Kili trip, and I depart for the Caucasus Mountain Range in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia, near the border of Georgia on the 16th July. The climb takes a total of 10 days on the North Side, which is the tougher and less commercial part of the mountain. We plan to hike the full way, no porters, and we have chosen to do the tented route as well, well we say it is a choice, but there are no huts on the northern side either...

Preparation has been more difficult than one can imagine. Full gear is required for the climb, we have had to get new plastic boots, harness's and we are renting ice axes from our very nice tour group. Thanks to Kai's connections, we both have crampons.

Our Summit attempt will be on the 22nd of July, the final push is a staggering 1942 metres in one night from camp one (3700m).  We will do our best to see if we can make contact with the outside world. With our Netbook and a Blackberry expect to see many photos and video blogs.

Without 3rds though, I can say with confidence that I would not have been able to achieve the outdoors knowledge, along with the organisation and communication skills to help organise this monumental trip. Thank you 3rds.
Josh Curly" 

Josh, come back alive, come back friends and bag a peak!

Follow Josh on his Blog.

Scouts: Gordon's Shield Build Up

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Congratulations to your the two Gordon's teams selected by the Court of Honour (COH) made up of the patrol leaders. Gordon's Shield is the annual provincial camping competition.  It will be held on the first weekend that schools re-opening, (17th -18th July) in Tokai.

A Team 

  • Michaela (PL) 
  • Terence (2nd)
  • Nick
  • James B
  • Josh N
  • Teneal
  • Mike
  • Shan
B Team
  • Kayla (PL)
  • Tim (2nd)
  • Vishan
  • Fraser
  • Mellissa
  • Winona
  • Yuri
  • Robyn
  • Reserves: Sasha, Ryan

The COH is holding special training programmes:

  • All are invited to sleep over at the hall. We will be learning stuff from the scout tail. Bring money for pizza and something for breakfast, Kit to sleep over with.
  • Times: Tue 29th  July 6pm – To Wed 30th  12pm 
  • We will also be having two other separate training days on Sun 11th and Mon 12th - these are compulsory for all A team members (at the scout hall 2pm till 5pm)

We would like all to attend. We have informed you of these upcoming events as to make sure that you do not plan anything for the above days.

We would like full commitment from your child as it is an honour to be picked for a team and there are other eager scouts that would like to be in your child’s position. In the past we have had a number of last minute dropouts, which significantly hampers the team’s performance and adds stress to the scouts, scouters and parents of the replacement.

Please feel free to contact Kayla and Michaela with in queries


Court Of Honour    

Scouts: Service projects

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During these holidays Terrence will be running a community service project in Pinelands. The councillor of the area, Brian Watkyns requests that we please clean and brighten up some of the parks in the area. 

Terence requires a team of at least 5 scouts thats will be scraping off old paint, treating rust, and repainting the structures to make the parks look good again. 

The parks in focus are:
Oude Molen Close Park – 14th/15th June 
Heron Way Park – 17th/18th June 
Rust en Vrede Park – 21st/22nd

Each day we will be busy from 8am to 4pm.

Bring old clothes, a warm top, lunch and a paint scraper and brush.  This is a brilliant opportunity to put back into the community and with tattler coverage, an opportunity to show what scouts can do. The scouts who help will also gain hours of community service for their Adventurer advancement badge.  

More info on the attached letter.

Also Note that Micheala will also be running a service project over a similar period: More details to follow shortly. 

Scouts: Mini Troop Camp

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Gordon's Shield the main camping competitions is around the corner. The Court of Honour (COH), the Patrol leaders, has decided to make Michaela's Springbok camp the training and selection camp for these years Gordon's teams.

We have invited all scouts in the troop. Based each scouts performance on the training camp, the COH will select 2 teams of 8. So make sure you are there. 

The Training camp details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 10 –Saturday 12 June

Place: Hawequas

More info on the attached notice.



Hawks PL

Scouts: Cedarberg Senior Scout Adventure

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Participants and Staff,

you can send in you application right now!

The Save a Place booking form for Participants and the Staff application form are now available on the download tab.

The Save a Place booklet is available and has been posted to the Provincial offices for distribution. For those of you who would like a soft copy, it can be found on this sites' download tab.

So, start your planning and organising now for the 19th Adventure.

The next adventure will be held in the Cederberg Mountains from 11 December 2010 to 23 December 2010. To cater for the school holidays, it is our intention to open the adventure at Camping HQ, Kliphuis (Kalkoenfontein) in the late afternoon of 11 December 2010. This is to cater for the shortened school holidays resulting from the 2010 World Cup.

Scout Patrols where all Scouts are over the age of 15 but not yet turned 18 on 11 December 2010, qualify to enter. Scouter Patrols where all adults are over the age of 18 are welcome to enter too. Participant and staff entry forms will be available in January 2010.

The cost of the 2010 adventure is R2400 for South Africans.

Please spread the word, plan your holidays, apply for leave and arrange your finances for 2010.

Gladiator Challenge Camporee

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now in October!!!

Around you the audience chants your name. The smell of sweat and hay fill the air. To your left, your fellow gladiators AND family are enjoying a fine mead and gorging on turkey legs. Your challenger awaits in the field of battle. Your jousting pole is raised, the King raises his goblet, and you charge forward. Your name is being shouted by hundreds, can you bring your patrol to stand before the King and be the Ultimate Gladiators?

A weekend of medieval games, mead, turkey legs and knightly events that will test your skills with the sword the shield and the cooking ladel!






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